Having run a local crowdsourcing site on Facebook for almost two years now, I can honestly say I know a lot about bike theft. A lot.  I’ve been interviewed on TV showing how you can prevent your bike from being stolen.  I can tell you where the hot spots are, […]

Top-Five Rules to Protect Your Bike From Theft. (Put ...

Having recently spent a lot of time researching the proper way one might grocery shop with their bike, I actually heard of many different ways to shop for your groceries by bike.  I personally use some Thule Panniers I got from for an amazing price,  but others came up with […]

Groceries by Bike

Nothing against my children, they are great kids. They provide me joy, require me to shell out lots of money, and most of all don’t talk back. No, I am not talking about our two sons and daughter; I am talking about my other children, Lucy, Margaret Thatcher, Iggy and […]

My kids…Lucy, Margaret Thatcher, Iggy and ’76 (Naming your bike)